OUR STORY

1994 - Creation of the company NOBLITEX by Mister Alain CATESSON.

1996 - A large program of investments was realized to improve all equipment from the old company TIB taken over.

Till 2000 - NOBLITEX was equipped with new equipment : acquisition of new machines of dye and a finishing stenter, it to answer a production increase and the request in more delicate dyes.

2001 - One year which knew a low activity caused essentially by the production stop of «Pagastique”, main quality in this time. Investment of a new dyeing machine with high capacity.

2002 - We were directed on a new product (the tye and dye), a material with a high quality level. We was the thirst company able to industrialize this process with a special machine designed and assembled in our workshop.

2003 - To win in reactivity, we created our own laboratory by endowing us with complete equipment as well as with a spectrocolorimètre to formulate the colors and a new turn-bibs. We also acquired the second embossing machine and three new dyeing machines, a central programing unit for all machines and a new unwinding machine for unbleached goods.

2004 - Computerization of the production and the sales management.

2006 - After several years used to look for a new site answering on environmental requirements, we concentered our research to ROANNE with the acquisition of a building equipped with a sewage effluent pretreatment station.

2006/2008 - We went up a file ICPE with the DREAL to be regulated at the level of the environment.

January to June 2007 - We moved to the City of Roanne, while investing in new stenting and dyeing machines.

2009 - This year we improved the dyeing process by reducing the process time and the water consumption, also by manage working conditions improvement .

2010 - In collaboration with the company THIES, we implement a new machine to dye the brittle material made on basis Lycra.

New investment takes place on end of process to improve quality and packaging.

We apply for a patent to save water and other auxiliary product.

March 2011 - The company moving toward a new activity, to meet the clients demand. We install a textile printing machine and two machines for crumpling a fabric (one machine for short crumpling and one machine for long crumpling).

2012 - Installation of a new machine high capacity IMASTER with 6 cylinders with a capacity of up to 1200 kg. Graduate to Oeko-tex regulation.

2013 - Nomination of Mr Patrice Charmette as the new chairman of NOBLITEX company. Investment of a dispensing machine for the laboratory for better reactivity with our customers.

2014 - Investment in a new stenter machine.

NOBLITEX is a growing and evolving company , staffed by young and dynamic but also highly qualified. We are working in a spacious, functional setting with recent on the cutting edge of technology.